The Lesley Kelly Foundation is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which has been set up as a legacy for Lesley and all that she stood for. Its Registered Charity Number is 1164240.

Our charitable aims are:-

To relieve the needs of victims of domestic abuse, in particular but not exclusively, by the supporting persons fleeing domestic abuse through the provision of funding and items to domestic abuse refuges.

The Foundation will primarily focus its work in places of importance to Lesley. These are Belfast, Bristol, Leyland and Northampton and surrounding areas. Initially, we will use funding to buy toiletries, cosmetics and other essential items, which we will package and give to women and families entering refuges as a result of domestic violence. We believe that, in a small way, this will help them to settle in, and by supporting them practically, we can be a support in their journey to a new life.

Your donations will be managed by the CIO, and we promise that 100% of all donations will be used for this purpose.

Please give generously. Click here to donate online. You can either give a one-off donation or set up  regular monthly or annual payment.

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About Lesley



Lesley was a loving and strong working class down to earth northern family woman. Lesley was vibrant and she loved life.  She was lucky to have a loving family and many friends, but, nevertheless, her life journey as a disabled child growing up in the 1970s made her very unsettled and gave her a deep understanding of the negative impact of discrimination.  Lesley became committed to bringing about positive change.  She sadly died in 2014 at just 48, leaving behind a beautiful daughter and loving partner.
Lesley worked for many years with women facing abuse, and she fought for equality and independence for disabled people, young and old. She had a gift to make people laugh and feel good.  In her way, she changed lives wherever she lived in Northampton, Bristol, Leyland, Liverpool and Newcastle.  She was very proud of her Irish heritage.
Lesley’s wish would be that all people should find freedom and happiness, and that they should make the right choices for themselves and their children. Lesley did not judge people, and she felt that everyone has a right to expect choice and control in their own lives, and to be treated with respect and dignity. These values are promoted through the work of the Lesley Kelly Foundation.

About the butterfly

The butterfly symbol of the Foundation stands for freedom and finding direction.

The Artwork was designed by Kathy Marsh.